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Frequently Asked Questions


What services are available to me? Urgent care, sick visits, cough, cold, flu, women's health, mental health, neck & back pain, prescription refills, and much more!

How do I sign up for a membership? Visit our Employee Reservations page or schedule a call with a member of our Concierge Team.

What if I leave my job that has an employer covered plan? No worries! We can easily transition you to your new employer's plan or an individual plan. Speak to a member of our Concierge Team and we'll get you taken care of!

Can my family sign up for a membership? Yes! We offer a variety of plans to fit your and your family's needs.

How do I contact the Concierge Team? Our team is available via email at

Is there a cancellation fee? No! There is no fee for cancelling your service.


What are the benefits of offering Healthpitality services to my employees? Improved employee health and well-being, increased productivity, improved employee morale, less absenteeism, and better employee retention!

How do I sign up? Visit our Employer Reservations page or schedule a call with a member of our Concierge Team.

How much do services cost? The cost of offering telehealth services to your employees will vary depending on the specific plan you choose. Visit our Plans & Pricing page for more information, plans start at $45/month/employee. Our team can also help you decide if employee cost-sharing is an option for your organization.

How do I manage my employees' accounts? Once you are signed up for services, you will receive login information to our member management portal.

How long does implementation take? Your services can be activated within a week of sign up.

What support is available to me? Our Conceierge Team will be with you the whole way from sign up through implementation and beyond!

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