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Leap Into Wellness: Maximizing Your Extra Day This Leap Year

**Author’s note - Let’s be for real, you’re probably scheduled to work today so take this advice as a reminder to slow down and care for yourself at least once this year! We have an extra day in a leap year, a whole extra 24 hours, so make sure to do something for yourself.

Every four years, the calendar gifts us an extra day: February 29th. It’s a curious quirk of our solar system, a way to keep our clocks and calendars in sync with Earth’s orbit around the sun. But for those of us in food and bev, who are accustomed to fast-paced environments and long hours, this extra day presents a unique opportunity. How can we make the most out of this leap year day? 

Here are some suggestions to turn February 29th into a day of wellness, growth, and community:

1. Self-Care

We know the drill—guests first, always. But this Leap Day, let’s flip the script and treat ourselves like the VIPs we are. Whether it’s zoning out with a massage, getting lost in nature, or just catching up on some much needed rest, let’s recharge those batteries. Remember, taking a breather isn’t slacking off; it’s how we keep rocking our shifts without crashing.

2. Make Time for Friends

What’s better than the post-shift unwind? An extra day to kick back with the squad, no rush, no stress. Think of it as the ultimate staff meal—where the only thing being served is good vibes. Whether it’s a backyard cookout, a park day, or just being together, it’s about strengthening those bonds that make every rush bearable and every success sweeter.

3. Give Back

We’re in the biz of making days, so why not use that extra 24 to spread some of that magic around? Team up for a cause, cook up a storm for those in need, or tidy up your local spot. It’s about giving back and feeling good, reminding us why we love this crazy industry in the first place.

4. Level-Up

Ever wanted to up your game but couldn’t find the time? Here’s your shot. Dive into a new course, workshop, or just nerd out on some foodie literature. It’s about feeding that passion that got us into this industry and coming out a sharper, savvier version of our chef or mixologist selves. And for all that is holy…quit putting off that ServSafe course!

5. Goal Setting

Take a moment this Leap Day to plot out your next big moves. Where do you want to be when the next Leap Year rolls around? Sketch out those dreams and start building the bridge to get there. This industry might be fast-paced, but our ambitions need that steady simmer to really develop.

So, there you have it—your Leap Day playbook. Let’s make it more than just an extra date on the calendar. Here’s to making it meaningful, memorable, and maybe even a little bit magical. Because if anyone knows how to make the most of an extra serving, it’s us.

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